Conducting A Background Check: 4 Things You Should Ask Yourself

Here’s a scenario that might be all too familiar: You’ve pulled out all the stops to identify, interview and potentially place one or two skilled candidates, but suddenly your ...

Staffing Firms Face Growing Threat of Data Breaches

It can be a staffing company’s worst nightmare— the discovery that hackers have infiltrated its computer networks and made off with job candidates’ personal information and other ...

IR35’s Impact on Private Sector Contractors Leaves Businesses with More Questions than Answers

As more news emerges about how IR35 — a UK tax law that affects independent contractors — will be applied in the public sector, concern grows about if (and how) the law will be ...

How to Establish an Inclusive, Parent-Friendly Culture within the Workplace

It’s 2017, and earning the label of “progressive” or “inclusive” is not an easy feat for most companies. While an above-average maternity leave policy may have been your differentiating ...

What if data overload didn’t have to work against us?

The first challenge of workforce management has always been to find and retain top talent. With the advent of technology and the ability to gather worker data, many of us expected this ...

3 Creative Contingent Labor “Savings” Strategies

Oh, the joys of counting savings.  It’s a fact that the more mature your contingent labor program is, the harder it becomes to squeeze more savings out of your contract.  You’ve ...

Security for Remote Workers

There has been a lot of talk about changes in the work environment over the last several years. Much of this has to do with the evolution of the internet and the many ways it can be ...

Tips for Managing Risk When Hiring Contingent Workers

When it comes to managing the risk of utilizing a flexible workforce, MSP program managers and staffing buyers would do well to remember Benjamin Franklin’s axiom: “An ounce ...

Why Your Contingent Workforce Program Isn’t Working

Contingent labor is an important and rapidly growing segment of today’s workforce. In 1983, contract workers accounted for just over 0.5% of all employment. Today’s average mix ...

Trends and Drivers of the Evolving Contingent Workforce

This post was co-authored by Terri Gallagher. There is a major workforce shift happening that is moving many away from having one job and staying in it for decades. According to a ...
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