Yana Nigen Yana Nigen
Yana Nigen is chief marketing officer of JobDiva. She can be reached at yana (at) jobdiva (dot) com.

Information Is Everything — So Buck the Status Quo

If you think about it, information is not just useful — it’s everything. Without information, we are blind mice poking into corners and running into walls. Here is a simple, yet ...

Creating the Ultimate Productivity Flow

In my last post, I discussed identifying that ultimate tech that will take you to the heights of your organization’s productivity. So, now that you (hopefully) have done so, it’s ...

Why Effective Design Is Critical

We are thought to be the ‘shapers’ of our lives, and as we all know, work is part of life. Experiences we create feed into our reality and shape our future. As we design our lives, ...
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