Virginia Cooper
Virginia Cooper is a retired community college instructor. She can be reached at vc (at) learnaliving (dot) co.

Take the Stage: Get Ready to Rock Your Business

Every business leader wants their company to thrive, but not every business achieves this goal. Excelling in customer service, setting business goals, using a center of excellence management ...

A man shaking hands with his employee

Inclusive Hiring: What Employers Can Do to Attract New Hires With Disabilities

Finding and hiring the best talent is essential to the success of any organization. Today, the workforce is more diverse than ever before, and businesses need to create an inclusive ...

Recruitment Marketing 101: Attracting and nurturing the best employees for your business

Talent acquisition is challenging. But that doesn’t mean it has to overwhelm your team and give you something to dread for months on end. There are solutions to every problem with ...

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