Simon Oldham Simon Oldham
Simon Oldham is the president at QJumpers, a recruitment platform.

Improving Job Fit with Video Screening

As HR technology continues to evolve and transform the way we work, many organizations are turning to AI-enhanced video screening to make it easier to recruit and assess candidates. ...

The Role of AI in Recruiting in 2019 and Beyond

In 2019 we’re seeing even more use of artificial intelligence (AI) around the world, a trend that is predicted to continue to expand as companies look to improve decision-making, ...

Recruiting and HR Tech Predictions for 2019

As we’ve seen for the last decade or more, the world of work is rapidly changing. In 2019, technology will continue to help HR and recruiting meet business and employee needs ...

Encourage Applicants with a Hassle-Free Application Experience

Job applicants are in a unique position in today’s employment market. With so many job openings available, applicants are weighing the opportunity cost versus the time spent chasing ...

How to Remove Barriers to Compete for Talent

There is often a barrier between recruiting departments and hiring managers when it comes to working together to staff an organization. This problem frequently originates due to miscommunication ...

How the Right ATS Can Help You Find Top Talent First

Unemployment rates are some of the lowest the United States has seen since 1969; while this is a sign of economic confidence, it’s not always good news for employers. The US Department ...

AI: Fueling the Future of Talent Acquisition

Time is one thing recruiters need more of — time to identify job opening needs, time to recruit talent, time to vet candidates, and time to fill open positions. But with limited resources, ...
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