Shari Dingle (Sandifer) Costantini Shari Dingle (Sandifer) Costantini
Shari Dingle (Sandifer) Costantini, RN, MBA, is founder and CEO of Avant Healthcare Professionals. She has 29 years of experience in strategic leadership, nursing and international nurse staffing.

Increasing Nurse Engagement in 2018

Keeping nurses committed and satisfied with their jobs can be challenging in the face of a nurse shortage. It’s up to the nurse leader to provide a work environment that fosters passion ...

Successfully Integrating International Nurses into Your Staff

Diversity in staffing is known to produce higher quality work and increase productivity, overall. More important, diversity makes your recruitment and retention efforts easier, according ...

The Importance of Cultural Sensitivity in the Workplace

Immigration reform is one of the hottest debates — if not the hottest debate — in the United States today. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, foreign-born workers comprised ...

Reform of the Immigration and Nationality Act is Long Overdue

A central principle of immigration reform should be to allow the United States to build a labor force that can compete in an increasingly complex and global environment — but this ...
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