Oscar Waterworth Oscar Waterworth
Oscar Waterworth is a writer from Sydney and senior editor at Bizzmarkblog. By working with product development teams for almost a decade, he has gained insight on remote team management and project operations in the startup sphere. To stay updated with his latest posts, follow him on Twitter.

Employee Recognition Products & Appreciation Gift ideas

According to numerous surveys, there is a far greater probability that an employee will abandon an ungrateful, abusive or neglectful employer than the actual workplace. Needless to ...

Seven Methods to Improve Staff Productivity

It’s often said that the company is only as good as its employees. This is true, but it’s only the half the story. The company should always strive to get the most out of its employees ...

The Benefits of Promoting Positive Company Culture

You are surely aware that the word culture has been sort of a buzzword in the corporate world for quite some time now. If we look at the definition of the word on Enterprenuer.com, ...
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