Mandy Wittschen Mandy Wittschen
Mandy Wittschen is a marketing strategist with Haley Marketing Group.

These “Little Things” Make a Big Difference in Your Staffing Website

More employers and job seekers will visit your site in one year than you will talk to in a decade. Thousands – even tens of thousands – of individuals will land on your site: looking ...

Still Not Using Video in Your Marketing?

Ask a dozen staffing professionals why they don’t use video in their marketing, and you’ll get a dozen different excuses: “But I don’t have professional video equipment.” “But ...

A Simple – and FREE – Way to Recruit Better Talent

The current unemployment numbers can be downright scary for anyone in the staffing industry. While June’s 4.0% unemployment rate was higher than that of May, it’s still ...

Wake Up! (Your Marketing Strategy, That Is)

Lewis Carroll’s Cheshire Cat is credited with saying, “If you don’t know where you’re going, then any road will get you there.” In a work of fiction, aimless ...
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