Lisa Maxwell Lisa Maxwell
Lisa Maxwell is managing partner at Gerard Stewart, a global executive search firm.

Is Culture the X Factor in Hiring Staffing Leaders?

The world of investing has taken serious note of the human capital industry. So much so that a rapidly growing number of private equity firms now have staffing companies in their portfolios. ...

The CEO You Need May Not Be the One You Want

When people set their minds to something, it’s hard to change them. That is true in life and it is true in executive search when a board determines the type of CEO they want to hire. ...

Want to Advance to the Top in the Staffing Industry? Stop Moving Around!

It may seem a little strange for someone in executive search to advise ambitious staffing professionals to slow down and stop moving jobs so frequently. After all, we are in the age ...

Where Are the MBA Grads in Staffing?

It happened to me again. It’s my own personal, executive search Groundhog Day. A client asked the question I can’t escape: “Where do I find the brightest MBAs? The top graduates ...

How to Become a Staffing CEO: Smart Paths to the C-suite

Ambition is a powerful thing. I have the privilege of working with industry leaders at the very top of their game — CEOs, CFOs, COOs, CMOs and more who are leading the human capital ...

Smarts + Heart: Secrets to Identifying, Cultivating & Retaining Top Staffing Leaders

It’s an exciting time to be a senior executive in the staffing industry. Demand is high for business leaders who can translate human capital management best practices into business ...

Saying Farewell to the ‘Staffing’ Stigma

Once upon a time — actually it was not that long ago — there was a stigma associated with the staffing industry.  Ten to 15 years ago, I had to ensure the professional services ...

Recruitment Is Lucrative: Just Ask IBM, ADP & Korn/Ferry

Almost two decades ago, a new and powerfully profitable chapter in the history of staffing had just begun and quite a few industry insiders — the majority, really — didn’t recognize ...

Building Authentic Business Relationships

A successful business continually reviews their practices, financial outlook and goals in order to plan, adapt and improve both performance and profitability. How do senior level executives ...
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