Kim Pope Kim Pope
Kim Pope is vice president of recruitment solutions, WilsonHCG.

2017 Employment Brand Report: An Analysis

It’s no surprise that employment branding has changed in the past year. If you’ve paid attention to the business environment surrounding us, you’ve noticed. And the 2017 Fortune ...

Recruitment Marketing: The Basics for Recruitment Professionals

We have been feeling the effects of a skills shortage for some time now, and as candidates continue to have the upper hand, often the reasons a person picks one company over another ...

6 Key Employer Branding Strategies: Infographic

Building a strong employer brand will help you conquer the war for talent. And WilsonHCG’s Fortune 500 top employment brands infographic breaks down the elements that make up a ...

Don’t Be Bullied by RPO

Because recruitment tactics are ever-evolving, so are talent acquisition strategies and recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) services. In recent years, RPO has shifted from a solution ...
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