Ken Huxley Ken Huxley
Ken Huxley, a retired Air Force Colonel, is VP of talent acquisition for Strategic Staffing Solutions.

Retaining Veterans: Why our stat beats the national average hands down

Veteran hiring initiatives across a broad spectrum of industries have helped to cut the unemployment rate among younger veterans from double digits a few years ago to close to the national ...

Hiring Vets: Connect the Dots

Peter Schutz, the former CEO of Porsche and motivational speaker, laid out a now popular axiom, “Hire character. Train skill.” In essence, Schutz’s mantra nailed the concept and ...

Hire Veterans. It’s good for the country as well as your company

The next year holds one of the greatest opportunities to help our nation and it also happens to be very crucial to our industry. With the drawdown of our engagement in Iraq and Afghanistan, ...

Hiring Veterans Is A Very Smart Plan

Think about what it’s like to transition from military to civilian life. It can be a challenge. After spending years in the service of our country, those leaving the military have ...
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