John Niehaus John Niehaus
John Niehaus is a managing director with Duff & Phelps Securities LLC. He has been actively involved in the management of staffing-related M&A transactions for more than 20 years. He can be reached at john.niehaus (at) duffandphelps (dot) com.

Staffing M&A: When A Buyer Calls

As the robust staffing M&A market continues in 2017, more strategic buyers are reaching out directly to smaller competitors to determine if they are open to selling their businesses. ...

What Staffing Buyers Want In Today’s M&A Market

During a recent conversation with an active buyer in the staffing industry, the buyer remarked to me that “we acquire other staffing businesses because we’re seeking to make our ...

An LOI Is Not a Done Deal

Signing a Letter of Intent (LOI) is an important milestone on any staffing M&A transaction.  I like to think of an LOI much like a wedding engagement, as it’s a non-binding agreement ...

EBITDA, Not Revenue, Drives Staffing Company Valuations

One of the most common misconceptions I hear from staffing company owners is that the valuation of their business is directly tied to their annual revenue. While larger companies do ...

Be a Savvy First-Time Seller of Your Staffing Business

Selling a staffing business is not a simple endeavor.  While not “rocket science,” there are many potential pitfalls in the process, many of which could cost an owner not only ...

Timing the Sale of Your IT Staffing Company

The IT segment of the staffing marketplace is performing well right now and is one of the most sought after segments for staffing industry acquirers per our discussions with active ...

Is Your Staffing Company Really Ready To Sell?

If you are thinking of selling your staffing company, the first question for many owners is, “Is my company ready?”  Answering this question requires an understanding of the valuation ...

Today’s M&A Buyers Not the Usual Suspects

Staffing M&A activity continues to intensify, as more staffing M&A transactions were announced in 2012 than any time in the past 5 years.  This activity should continue throughout ...
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