Jackie Larson Jackie Larson
Jackie Larson is president of Avantas, a provider of workforce management technology, services, and strategies for the healthcare industry.

For the Good of the Enterprise: The Journey to Centralized Healthcare Staffing

Hospitals have become conditioned to functioning in staffing and scheduling silos (unit-based scheduling). When managers and staff follow staffing practices simply because it has “always ...

Moneyball: Healthcare Organizations Seek the Benefits of Analytics

Fifteen years after its release, Michael Lewis’ wildly popular book, Moneyball, still resonates. The story of how Oakland A’s General Manager Billy Beane and Assistant General Manager ...

Enforcing Staffing Policies and Why It’s Necessary

It’s not sexy, but operational policies are fundamental to the success of organizational outcomes. With labor costs accounting for a significant chunk of an organization’s budget, ...

Healthcare Staffing: Maximize Success in a Predictive Analytics Partnership

Ensuring that quality nurses and other clinical staff are in the right place at the right time is one of the biggest challenges for hospitals and other healthcare enterprises. In many ...

Three Ways Organizations Create Their Own Staffing Shortages and Changes They Can Make

We’ve heard a lot about the nursing shortage that has impacted healthcare. The gap is projected to grow as patient demand increases and healthcare professionals reach retirement. ...

Prioritizing Standardization During Health System Mergers and Acquisitions

Consolidation in the healthcare arena continues to quench the thirst of hospitals and health systems considering all paths toward growth. In the ever-changing healthcare industry, a ...
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