Greg Savage Greg Savage
A founder of four successful businesses, Greg Savage is an industry consultant, a regular keynote speaker and author of The Savage Truth: Lessons on leadership, business and life from 40 years in recruitment.

Surviving a Recession: The People Plan

I have traded through at least four deep recessions in my career, and many downturns. In a prior post, I shared some of that experience, and in my last post, I discussed risk factors ...

Recession: Positioning your firm for survival

In my last post, I shared the story of my company’s struggle and ultimate survival through a recession, and challenged you to consider this question: “What would happen if your ...

Recession: A survivor’s tale

When I was 29 years old, a team of intrepid colleagues and I founded Recruitment Solutions. We were ambitious. We opened with 10 people on day one. We had two offices and big dreams, ...
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