Glenn Laumeister Glenn Laumeister
Glenn Laumeister is CEO of AllWork.

The Future of Staffing: Cloud-Based Staffing Platforms Make On-Demand Staffing Possible

Many companies today are using multiple solutions for their staffing needs that aren’t integrated with each other. From paper schedules to excel spreadsheets, some are still relying ...

Why 2018 Is the Year On-Demand Staffing Goes Mainstream

On-demand staffing, the idea that companies can engage their staff only when they need them and where they need them, is poised for a breakout year in 2018. Pioneered by Uber and refined ...

Why Coaching Is the Next Big Thing in Online Staffing

Online staffing has experienced explosive growth as more and more companies realize the value of leveraging the internet to source and manage their contingent workforce. Online staffing ...
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