Dana Shaw Dana Shaw
Dana Shaw is COO of ICon Professional Services. She leads the development and execution of ICon's product and service strategy, partnerships, worldwide sales, marketing and day-to-day operations.


Contingent Worker Definitions – Can’t We All Just Get Along?

No wonder hiring managers are so confused. They just want to get their work done, products out the door and technology developed. Today, the non-employee labor space is plagued by everything ...

Contingent Workforce Program Generations: Are Independent Contractors In or Out?

For every opinion there is on which generation across the maturity curve of utilizing non-employee labor your company is in today, what can be said with certainty is that there is no ...

Unintended Consequences Along the Compliance Continuum Part II: 2014 Audit-Proofing Advice

In a previous post, I discussed the basics of the compliance environment and some proactive measures that can be taken to stay ahead of the storm; now, let’s refresh your memory. ...

Unintended Consequences Along the Compliance Continuum

Never before has there been an environment like the one our Fortune company clients are facing today. The long-heralded “perfect storm” was mostly marketing hype and fear selling ...
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