Christopher Mills Christopher Mills
Christopher Mills is an enterprise workforce consultant for ShiftWise. He can be reached at Christopher.Mills (at) shiftwise (dot) com.

Becoming Successful Program Partners

After spending eight years as a business development director with an agency, I transitioned into a program management role within the last year in order to obtain MSP/VMS experience. ...

Get With the Program: Embracing Advanced Procurement in the Enterprise Healthcare Market

As healthcare entities continue to merge across the United States, technology that improves healthcare delivery will be an integral part of these organizations and healthcare staffing ...

Productivity and Technology in Healthcare

The healthcare industry talent shortage is well-documented subject. The Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) indicates there will be a continuing shortfall of physicians ...

Embracing Change in the Consolidated Healthcare Staffing Market

The days of a local doctor’s office and small independent hospitals are diminishing. Regulatory and administrative burden has created a market environment where clinical providers ...
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