Brad Smith Brad Smith
Brad Smith is director of SEO and social media marketing for Haley Marketing Group. He can be reached at bsmith (at) haleymarketing (dot) com.

Protecting Your Employment Firm’s Brand on Glassdoor

You’re probably already familiar with the job site Glassdoor. But if not, here’s a quick primer: Glassdoor considers itself “the world’s most transparent career community that ...

Mobile Phone Usage is Forcing Staffing and Recruiting Firms to Adapt

Not very long ago, you could unplug your landline phone, attach the cord to your modem and wait a few minutes for a webpage to load.  Boy how times have changed!  Today, you carry ...

The Magic Marketing Formula: How to Make Better Marketing Decisions

Rewind a few years.  Many businesses allocated a large portion of their marketing spend to yellow pages (surprisingly some still do!). Why did they do it?  Because their competition ...
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