Abby Lombardi Abby Lombardi
Abby Lombardi is the marketing director at WANTED Analytics™, a company that helps recruiting organizations make better decisions faster with real-time business intelligence on jobs, employers, and talent. She can be reached at abby.lombardi (at) wantedanalytics (dot) com.

10 Best Cities to Recruit an HR Professional

Hiring demand for HR professionals has been increasing. In April 2013, there were more than 82,000 HR jobs available online. With more competition to attract this talent, it’s likely ...

HR Jobs Grow 9% – Recruiters Top the Charts

Hiring demand for human resources professionals can often be seen as an indicator of hiring across an organization. As more employees are needed, a company would require more recruiters, ...

If Hiring Slows, Is Workforce Management Prioritized?

Hiring demand has been tumultuous across the U.S. since the recession began. With unemployment hovering at 8.2 percent, new jobs aren’t being created as fast as during the first quarter ...
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