2021 Content Trends: What Do Employers and Job Seekers Want to Read about in a Staffing Blog?

2020 was not the year we expected it to be, and there is still some uncertainty moving into 2021. Many employees began working from home entirely throughout the past year, while others lost their jobs altogether. As things continue to change, so will the types of content employers and job seekers want to read about.

When planning your content marketing strategy for the New Year, keep these content trends in mind:

Content Trends for Job Seekers

The process of searching for a job in 2021 is going to be different than it has in the past. Job seekers will be searching for tips on how to stand out in the job market and properly update their resumes. If someone lost their job due to COVID-19, they will want to know how to address that in their resume, cover letter, and job interview.

Another popular topic regarding resumes is making sure they are designed for applicant tracking systems (ATS). As employers continue to use applicant tracking systems, job seekers will need to know what keywords are crucial to have in their resume. Video interviewing is also becoming the new norm, so those unfamiliar with this technology will need to learn skills to put their best foot forward on camera.

Other potential topics to consider:

  • Up to date information on unemployment benefits (especially if they’re extended or increased)
  • Jobs of the future (how the pandemic is reshaping the future of work)
  • Career reinvention (how to succeed in a new line of work)
  • Durable job skills

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Content Trends for Employers

Just as the job search process is changing, the same can be said for hiring and workplace safety. To ensure workplace safety going forward, employers will need to learn to enhance benefits related to employee mental health, childcare, and flexible work arrangements.

Another popular topic on the minds of most employers is the continuation of remote work going into 2021. Some managers reported struggling with leading remote teams, so it will be essential for them to stay up to date on the latest trends and tips.

There is also a trend for employers to continue promoting workplace diversity and inclusion. This also ties into having a strong brand strategy going into 2021. If you do a quick search online, you’ll find countless articles with tips for how companies can evaluate and make changes to their current strategy to ensure they are an employer of choice.

Next Steps

As you build your content strategy for 2021:

  • Consider your audience’s interests and needs. Information that’s valuable to a production line manager may not resonate with a CEO. Create different content tracks to cater to each distinct group of readers.
  • Spend some time researching potential topics to find reliable sources of information. High quality research yields high quality content.
  • Keep planning timeframes short. Things are changing rapidly right now, and it’s hard to know if a topic you plan now will be relevant in six months.
  • Consider multiple content formats. In addition to blog posts, consider eBooks, video, infographics, instructographics, slide decks and more.

This year has brought about many challenges for both employers and job seekers – affecting the types of information they seek and even the way they search for that information. As we get ready to flip the calendar, keep pace with changing content trends will allow you to create engaging, relevant content that solidifies your company’s positioning, adds value, and compels more employers and job seekers to engage with your firm.

Matt Swistak

Matt Swistak
Matt Swistak is a digital marketing strategist with Haley Marketing. He can be reached at mswistak (at) haleymarketing (dot) com.

Matt Swistak

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