Video Interviews: A new trend of recruitment

A new wave of digitalization has covered the world recently. A shift toward digital innovations has affected the sphere of recruitment using video interview apps. A survey by Software Advice suggests that 60% of the recruiters have already been using video technology before pandemics. Now, this tendency is speeding up.

Traditional interviewing processes have limited opportunities while video interviewing brings innovative techniques and approaches to candidates’ assessment. Let’s get a closer look at video interviewing and its key benefits.

The Video Interview?

A standard video interview is a job interview that uses video technology as a communication medium and takes place remotely. This is an effective and convenient way for the employer to assess job candidates on their qualifications and soft skills. There are two main types of video interviews:

Online video interviews. These are synchronous interviews, which are conducted live with both the interviewer and the candidate.

Pre-recorded video interviews. In contrast, asynchronous video interviews are usually recorded by the job seeker answering the question provided by the interviewing video platform.

Video interviews have become a global tendency as they considerably improve the quality of data gained and facilitate the recruitment process. According to LinkedIn’s Global Trends Report, 18% said they have mostly or completely adopted new interview tools, and 56% rated new interview tools as extremely important.

Why Companies Apply Video Interviews

Global pandemic of Covid-19 has changed the usual workflow. According to the Gartner survey, the majority of organizations (86%) are conducting virtual interviews to hire candidates during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Present-day companies should be eager to improve and embrace new technologies. Moving towards flexibility and innovations is no longer an initiative but a strong necessity. Being efficient in recruitment means to shorten time devoted to assessment and selection preserving the high quality of the employed candidates.

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Benefits of Video Recruitment

Incorporating video interviewing into your recruitment tool kit brings numerous benefits and changes the recruitment process for good. Key benefits include:

Test of technical capabilities. A  clean video interview recorded or provided online by a candidate requires basic knowledge and a corresponding level of user skills related to use of video recruitment software.

Assess the communication skills. Video recruitment provides an opportunity to get consistent oral responses to common interview questions as well as assess the insights transmitted via body language, posture, and non-verbal cues.

Speed up candidates screening. Video functionality lets to lessen the time investment. In the case of pre-recorded interviews, sometimes the first few minutes suffice to identify whether the candidate fits the position.

Expand hiring outreach. The talent search is not local anymore. Reaching out a broader pool of qualified candidates from various locations.

Video interviewing proves to be rather beneficial for both employers and job seekers. In this regard, the recruitment process gets more convenient, efficient, and less time-consuming. Find further reading on the changes and improvements taking place in the recruitment sphere at the moment, in this blog post.

Erika Rykun

Erika Rykun
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Erika Rykun

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