Improve Retention at Your Company by Giving Back

There is not one key to building a strong staffing company; there are hundreds. Hundreds of interactions the company has with clients, suppliers, and candidates which can either lead to poor or strong relationships. It is vital to make every interaction count. Where Distinctive Workforce Solutions (DWS) has found success in growing the business quickly while maintaining a quality crew who love the company, is by engaging the entire staff deeply and emotionally in our mission. Want to know the best way to do this in practical terms? Give back!

Ensure your recruiters know who they are hiring so that they can relate and understand.

Recently, our recruiters who primarily fill positions in New York joined non-profit BRC in an outreach assistance mission where they offered hope and help to the people of the streets of New York. They returned deeply impacted, inspired, and excited about the new understanding they have of struggling individuals. BRC, the primary charitable giving program that we support, strives to offer the vulnerable individuals of NYC opportunities for employment and self-sufficiency. It is no easy task but builds diversity of thought for those who participate. Inevitably, hire numbers increase and recruiters start their work days with higher confidence that the candidates placed are not just warm bodies but individuals who will flourish on the job. Invest in building diverse thought internally and you directly invest in greater human connection skills.

Deeply engage your staff in a purpose and they will go the extra mile for you.

Company members here are regularly encouraged to participate in company-wide give back events that promote camaraderie in pursuit selfless causes. We find that most of our employees have personally been affected by one program or another and enthusiastically team up to participate. This causes strong dedication to the company. Our best staff members are less likely to take other jobs based on pay or convenience. This ultimately keeps quality workers in our company for years, lessening funds and precious time on constantly training new hires for the same roles.

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Make your passion clear in every interaction had with your staff.

When formed on the basis of a deep and emotional mission, the bond between company and team is inevitably stronger. People are happy at their jobs and treat their clients with more patience and enthusiasm. We constantly receive feedback from job candidates, suppliers, and clients that it is our attitudes which makes partnership so valuable. Any company can grow quickly with a big enough check, but the respect and trust that keeps connections alive for a long time is harder obtained.

In a world where more than 50 percent of employees are disengaged, it is more than beneficial to give meaning and purpose to the work they do. DWS internal staff has grown more than 100% over the last 10 years, and although hire rate has been on a steady incline, our turnover rate continues to decline. As a result, the entire company also has grown exponentially in revenue.


Brianna Strobel

Brianna Strobel
Brianna Strobel is the director of digital marketing at Distinctive Workforce Solutions. She deals very closely with the entire team, connecting their values with the needs of clients. She can be reached at bstrobel (at) dwsworldwide (dot) com.

Brianna Strobel

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