Working Toward Wonderful: Happy Workers and How They Thrive

I’m lucky to work with refugees every day — helping them find great jobs, and watching them work toward tremendous success. They’re inspiring, vibrant members of any team, and they bring great energy and positivity to their work. It’s a trait that we could all take to heart, and it comes with huge potential.

Why does workplace happiness matter?

A recent report from work management platform Wrike dug into the topic of workplace happiness. Why does it even matter?

The report, entitled “From Positivity to Productivity,” broke out the benefits of good vibes to the average workplace culture. In addition to making 26% fewer clinical errors and logging 4% more customer service success, happy people exhibited 79% lower burnout and a 61% lower likelihood to leave their jobs with a poor relationship.

The productivity breakdown will really get you: respondents to the survey who reported happiness and satisfaction were also 40% more likely than the average employee to define themselves as being “very productive.”

What can we do to inspire joy on the job?

Happiness isn’t a coincidence — in fact, in his book The Happiness Advantage, author Shawn Achor argues that happiness comes first, and success comes second. It’s an intentional choice, and a decided advantage in the workplace. Positioning yourself, and your team, to feel great is essential to setting everyone up for success.

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Shift your perspective. Refugee workers have been through so many things — but they are fighters. They’re some of the most joyful people I’ve ever met, and they seek to regain the dignity of work with passion. To these resilient people, every challenge is an opportunity. They approach hard days with determination, not dread.

The latest World Happiness Report notes that in spite of being at the top of the list for GDP, or Gross Domestic Product, the United States just barely squeaks into the top 20 ranking for happiness. All of that wealth usually indicates joy, but it’s not enough on its own. The product is infinitely less valuable than the perspective.

Listen. Everyone wants to feel heard. Sometimes, that means adjusting your workplace to fit workers better, and providing perks that truly mean something to them. Sometimes that’s a monetary bonus, but other times it’s about accommodating unique needs.

For example, we’ve found that floating paid holidays can be a simple, successful way to respect and embrace a diverse team. Staff can seek time off in the moments most valuable to them, and that makes everyone happy.

Celebrate. We deserve wins. Even if management has nothing to do with a victory, it’s something worth acknowledging — and celebrating. At Urban Mattress, one of our exceptional partners, the team threw a staff party when their refugee coworkers gained permanent citizenship. It was a perfect example of sharing joy — and inspiring more.

To learn a little more about some of our victories — and the inspiring joy and motivation of the refugee workforce — check out some of the case studies on the Amplio blog. They’re guaranteed to make you smile.

Katie Gibson

Katie Gibson
Katie Gibson is a marketing coordinator at Amplio Recruiting.

Katie Gibson

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