When to Permanently Hire a Temporary Employee

When making hiring decisions, a temp-to-hire approach has its advantages. It can offer your company flexibility in personnel, which is especially important if you’re in an industry that experiences shifts in demand throughout the year. The initial decision to bring a temporary employee on can be made relatively quick by considering your company’s needs and available budget. The next step in the temp-to-hire process — hiring that temporary employee into the company — can be a little more complicated. For this, you’ll have to determine the long-term value this person will bring and if the increased investment will be worth it. With the labor market as tight as it is, this decision becomes even more critical. If you see the following signs in your temporary workers, it is time to bring them on permanently.

If They Perform Excellent Work

The most important part of a job is getting the work done and doing it well. If you have a temporary employee who is meeting or exceeding your expectations on a consistent basis, you should find a way to get them locked in as soon as possible. The worst thing that can happen with an excellent temporary employee is you keep them waiting and they leave for another company that offers the stability and growth they desire. Don’t let any previous experiences or preconceived notions based on other temporary employees cloud your judgment; if this is a good employee, make sure that it is recognized.

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If They Show Flexibility and Growth

While temporary employees may be used more often during certain times of the year, every hiring decision that is done should be made under the premise of improving the company. If the temporary employee comes in with that same enthusiasm and commitment for both the present and future, you’ve found someone who is worth keeping around. For example, if they are willing to take on new tasks, learn new skills or help out other workers – this is everything that you should be looking for in a quality employee.

If They Become Part of the Team

Depending on the size of your company or department, a temporary employee can quickly become a go-to person. When that happens, you’ll want to show that you see their importance to the organization with a permanent position. But this isn’t the only piece of becoming an integral part of a team, you’ll need to see if get along with their co-workers and fit the company culture. If they do, that clears a large roadblock when looking to hire someone into the company. Teamwork and morale has a major impact on productivity, so when things are going good you’ll want to do everything you can to avoid messing with it.

When a temporary employee shows a combination of these three signs, don’t let them slip away. In a competitive market, finding and keeping good employees will be the deciding factor in the success of your company.


Robert Hoeft

Robert Hoeft
Robert Hoeft is a marketing assistant at QPS Employment Group.

Robert Hoeft

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