Five Ways Staffing Firms Can Establish a Culture of Excellence

Awards and industry honors not only distinguish staffing firms as leaders in the space, but also serve as sources of personal and company pride for employees. Hire Dynamics is proud to have earned ClearlyRated’s® Best in Staffing Awards for Client and Talent Satisfaction for the 10th consecutive year.

Such recognitions ultimately reflect immense hard work and the value of investing in employees who can carry out their mission and make every experience matter for their customers. That’s why staffing firms aiming to establish – or reaffirm – a position as leaders in the space should begin by looking within. Although prominent awards often are decided by external customers or peers, it’s a collaborative, success-oriented culture that delivers results and makes your organization and your team memorable among partners and talent. When employees look forward to coming to work every day and are motivated to deliver exceptional service, it sets your team apart and lays the foundation for “best of” accolades.

Here are five steps staffing firms can take to establish a company culture and work model that build trust among partners and talent, and ultimately empower them to achieve and maintain industry leadership:

1. Prioritize Recognition. Staffing firms can motivate employees by prioritizing industry honors and incentivizing them to put forth their best effort. Make it your company’s goal to fill your metaphorical – or maybe literal – trophy case and emphasize this throughout the year. Create a list of tactics to get there that are sustainable and realistic. The majority of these will come from having employees simply do their job well, but reinforcement also can show that you are taking your company culture seriously.

2. Start with Your People.When expanding your team, look for employees who will fit well with your company culture and remain dedicated to furthering the organization’s growth and success. This includes defining your mission, vision and values, work environment and performance metrics. To truly be “best of” the industry, your organization needs employees who are passionate, aligned and able to be your best ambassadors to current and future partners, talent and colleagues.

3. Build Loyalty. With that said, it’s always easier for companies to retain high-performing talent than to search for and acclimate new employees. Employee loyalty is imperative for both client stability and long-term company advancement, as you can’t expect your clients to be loyal if your employees aren’t. This makes it more critical for company leaders to periodically solicit feedback from their team, as such conversations will not only highlight opportunities for improvement, but build confidence among workers once their voices are heard.

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4. Offer the Best Experience. It’s a must for “best of” organizations to have a positive impact on everyone your company encounters, from employees to clients to talent. Treat talent the way you would want to be treated. Find jobs for them where you would consider taking a position yourself. This will result in employees who perform better, are more satisfied and who, as a result, are more likely to secure a long-term placement or permanent position.

5. Extend the Relationship. Whether with a client or placed talent, “best of” organizations should find ways to maintain ongoing dialogue after an initial engagement ends. Something as simple as a quick call to see how things are going can not only create opportunities for new business, but also demonstrate an extra layer of care and gratitude that can leave a lasting impression.

As our company prepares for another decade of delivering industry-best service to clients and talent, we’ve learned that we are only as successful as the employees who represent us. Every metric that determines a “best of” staffing organization – from sales results to customer and talent feedback – is rooted in an effective and dedicated culture. By building a foundation of success from within, staffing organizations can set the bar for the industry and attain continuous strong performance.

Kim Wallace

Kim Wallace
Kim Wallace is executive vice president of Hire Dynamics.

Kim Wallace

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  1. I think such recognition’s ultimately reflect immense hard work and the value of investing in employees who can carry out their mission and make every experience matter for their customers.

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