In Memory of Steve Silver

I had the opportunity to work with Steve Silver when he was a CWS Council member. We had numerous conversations on the topic of contingent workforce management. Steve was an easy man to bond with, as he cared deeply about workforce issues, his organization and his team. It was not uncommon for him to include others in our conversations, so they could hear what was happening with the Kaiser program as well as the CW industry.

Steve was truly an all-around nice guy, happy to swap contingent workforce strategies and share his experiences. When we worked together, he was the senior director of the CW program at Kaiser Permanente. In that role, he had structured the $2 billion program and was at times responsible for over 40,000 contingents and 10,000-plus suppliers. As anyone in our industry knows, that was no easy feat.

He also had the ability to deal with suppliers, contingents, stakeholders and peers in the same way — always with a smile and a helping hand. In fact, he was one of the CWS Council members who never said no to sharing insights or answering questions. He would share his insights not only with other program managers, but with suppliers, as well. He was a firm believer that suppliers needed to be successful for a CW program to be successful. At conferences, he was the panelist who would always stay and make sure he met with every person who had lined up to speak with him.

Steve started out in recruiting, discerning the power of engaging the right person while building teams from the ground up. Through his career, he staffed numerous teams, domestic and international projects across different companies.  Away from work, he enjoyed spending time with family and, as many of you know, spent several years as a board member and on the sideline as a coach for the Vista Junior Eagles Football program.

Steve Silver was a pioneer in an emerging field — our field, contingent workforce management — that today is gaining appreciation in corporate boardrooms, among gig workers and economists. We will remember not just his ability to leverage copious amounts of data while balancing process and tech. But for putting people first with a smile. He and his smile will be missed.

Rest in Peace, Steve.

Dawn McCartney

Dawn McCartney
Dawn McCartney, CCWP, SOW Mgmt Expert, is VP of Contingent Workforce Strategies Council at Staffing Industry Analysts. She can be reached at dmccartney (at) staffingindustry (dot) com.

Dawn McCartney

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2 Responses to “In Memory of Steve Silver”

  1. Keri Case says:

    A perfect write up about a pioneer in the contingent workforce market. More than that, Steve was a man of the people. He always made you feel like you were the most important person in the room, and his smile could light up a New York City block. He is missed genuinely by so many.

  2. Alya Abdoun says:

    Beautiful write up. Steve’s enthusiasm, passion, wit and friendship will certainly be missed. He was wicked smart with a vision.

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