3 Reasons You’re Missing on Top Talent

Have you had a hard time finding a promising candidate during a recent job vacancy? In recent years, this problem has become even more common. As the labor market has transitioned to favor job seekers, many companies have struggled to adapt and make the necessary changes to their hiring processes. If you’re coming up empty-handed and don’t want to settle for average when hiring new employees, take a look at three of the biggest reasons why you might not be getting the best candidates.

Overly Strict Requirements. Many times, an employer will begin the hiring process with strict requirements, assuming this will help find the best employee and fit for the job. However, what this really does is cut off your talent supply. Ignoring an applicant who is underqualified for a requirement or two with today’s low unemployment rate is a mistake. You’re not going to find the perfect candidate and while someone may not have all the qualifications, they may excel at the ones they do have. They may also be a quick learner or have other important characteristics that don’t necessarily show on a résumé. Top talent isn’t necessarily the perfect fit, so don’t discard potential employees while you’re searching for the one that is impossible to find.

Limited Recruitment Strategies. You’ve got the job posted on your website, but you’re not getting any résumés. That’s because having an advertisement on your website is no longer enough. You need to branch out your recruitment efforts. There are more channels than ever to find a job, and you should make sure that your company has the chance to reach those job seekers in multiple places. This means posting your position on popular third-party job boards, having an active presence on social media and being a part of community events. By getting your name out there and showcasing what your company offers, you’ll get the eyes of both active and passive candidates.

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Inadequate Resources. Whether it is a lack of money to offer candidates or limited staff to find the candidates, inadequate resources can be the downfall if you want to have the best working for you. Choosing a staffing agency to assist with your hiring needs is one route to take if your current staff has become too busy with their day-to-day tasks to recruit. You’ll not only free up their time but you’ll also gain access to a much larger labor pool.

If budget is the issue, in the short term, focus on highlighting the benefits or perks that you can offer. However, for long-term hiring success, look into other areas of the business where costs can be reduced. They don’t need to be large amounts; small savings add up. This available money should then be put right back into the business, where wages can be improved or new jobs can be created, all in an effort to increase productivity.

While looking for potential candidates is not an easy task, your hiring approach might be to blame. If you are looking for talented hires and feel like you’re not getting anywhere, there’s a good chance you’re limiting yourself by having too many requirements, not exploring all your options and/or allocating your resources poorly. Expand your search horizons and the talent will soon be seen.

Robert Hoeft

Robert Hoeft
Robert Hoeft is a marketing assistant at QPS Employment Group.

Robert Hoeft

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