Help Your Recruiters Increase Conversions – with Automation and Offshore Support

Recruiters are at their most productive when they spend their time and energy on the highest conversion activities, but plenty of low conversion tasks need completion first. Rather than wasting recruiters’ time (and the associated budget) manually completing these tasks, staffing firms eager to improve recruiting costs, time-to-hire, and quality of hire are turning to automation. In many cases, combining automation tools with the expert assistance of an offshore recruiting service can drive your talent acquisition initiatives to the next level. Here’s a look at how technology-enabled offshore RPOs can deliver big results.

Automating routine work for recruiters. All of the most pronounced opportunities for automation are on the front lines with your recruiters. The task of sourcing and screening hundreds of resumes for each job is overwhelming – there simply aren’t enough hours in the day. While offshoring these tasks enable your teams to focus their attention on late-stage hiring tasks, the importance of automation shouldn’t be overlooked. The most effective offshore RPOs equip their recruiters with automated tools so they’re better positioned to deliver you the talent you need.

Automation recruitment tools like TalentFetch function as a plugin within recruiters’ browsers, allowing them to scrub the internet for active and passive candidates while pulling the best resumes and profiles into a database. The best RPO partners will have technology available to take this a step further, going as far as automating calls, texts, emails, and logging all interactions. When these routine (but critical) tasks are automated, your offshore recruiters can allocate their time to building relationships with candidates.

Improving automation at the management level. The level of your offshore recruiters’ performance correlates with the ability of offshore management to identify training opportunities, budgetary constraints, and process adjustments. Readily available and accurate data is the backbone of good leadership, and determines whether client programs are able to evolve and sustain results. Traditional data warehousing made the process of gathering and reporting on that data a slow and more exhaustive process. Fortunately, recruitment automation tools have advanced the ability of forward-thinking companies to assemble the best insights as fuel for the decision-making process.

Effective RPOs will use a host of different analytics technologies to enhance their service. Ideally, they would have on-demand reporting technology at their disposal – both for their internal use and so that they can provide their clients information at the click of a button (we’ll dig into this next). Rising automation enables businesses to leverage existing data to identify best practices for improving hiring speeds, quality of candidate submittals, and overall program performance.

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Providing real-time access and reporting to client partners. When RPOs provide their clients with on-demand reports, or even direct access to their reporting dashboard, they’ll gain a bird’s-eye view into recruiter performance on their assigned requisitions in real time. The client can then leverage this information to change requisition priorities and identify issues to be addressed immediately. In the current talent market, businesses can’t afford to wait out reporting lulls as offshore partners manually pull data. High-stake decisions need to be made fast, and often. The best RPOs understand this and have already incorporated automation into their technological infrastructure.

Bottom line, your recruiters need help. Offshoring and automation are clear options, and regardless of your budget, you’re not constrained to just one. When you partner with a technology-enabled offshore RPO, they shoulder all of the automation costs while you benefit from a stress-free steady flow of quality candidates.

Vivek Padmanabhan

Vivek Padmanabhan
Vivek Padmanabhan is founder and president of PSG Global Solutions.

Vivek Padmanabhan

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