Hiring in a Jobseekers’ Market

With the unemployment rate dropping over the past few years, candidates have taken back control of the job market. Employers must deal with applicants looking at all their other options and no longer settling for just any position. So what does it take to make successful hires? This blog will provide three areas to focus on when you’re looking to acquire top talent in today’s competitive landscape.

Hiring Process. In a time when candidates are considering multiple job offers, the worst thing you can do is make them jump through hoops during a long and outdated hiring process. In order to keep applicants engaged, outline the steps in the process and maintain constant communication. The candidate experience is more important than ever. By taking a streamlined approach, candidates will get a good impression that this organizational efficiency goes beyond the initial hiring.

Company Brand. One of the best ways to attract applicants is to make sure your company has a positive appearance. It is important to brand your company through both online and offline media. You should be encouraging everyone who interacts positively with your company to share their experience, whether it be through social media or face-to-face conversations. However, this isn’t going to happen overnight since developing a strong brand and culture takes time. By implementing internal policies based on your company message and mission, you will grow a cultural base that will differentiate your company.

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Salary and Benefits. To have top candidates consider your position, you’ll have to offer a solid salary with benefits. There are some companies that can lean on their great work environment or unique culture but those examples are few and far between.In most cases, you get what you pay for. By offering a higher wage than your local competitors, you’ll fill the position faster and receive more high-quality candidates.

Overall, if you want to succeed in today’s job market, you’ll have to act quickly, showcase your culture and pay well so job seekers can see that you’re the best choice.

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Robert Hoeft

Robert Hoeft
Robert Hoeft is a marketing assistant at QPS Employment Group.

Robert Hoeft

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