High Tech High Touch: A Balancing Act to Attract Top Talent

Without a doubt, technology has made it easier to attract applicants to open positions. The impact of technological disruption for human resources professionals has simplified and expedited the process. Yet, we can’t forget that the candidate job search is personal and relationships matter. Technology has changed every aspect of the application process from a job post to an interview, but we are unlikely to see it fully replace personalization and the human touch.

We surveyed 14,000 people across 19 countries and found that 42% of candidates feel inauthentic automated messages undermine an employer’s credibility.

The technology used at every stage of the recruitment life cycle sends a powerful message about an employer brand to today’s candidates. The new report Swipe Right: Candidate Technology Preferences During the Job Search sheds light on how to find the right balance between high tech and high tough to attract the brightest and best people into your organization.

Interest in the  mobile job hunt is on the rise, but usage still varies

The use of smartphone apps to apply and search for jobs is undoubtedly increasing. Fifty-two percent of global candidates would now like to use mobile apps to apply and interest is only escalating.

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Candidates who use apps in their job search tend to be are young and ambitious with 30% saying they are willing to move to a new city for a new job.

Despite the rise in app usage, there is a significant gap between candidates who actually use apps and those who would like to.

Key considerations for engaging candidates with technology include: 

  • Be smart about the smartphone. Mobile applications help sort and prioritize applicants. From a candidate experience perspective, even a traditional website with mobile optimization does not go far enough. View the experience through the smartphone user’s perspective to ensure a website is truly mobile friendly.
  • Look beyond traditional HR platforms/apps. Provide tools to help candidates prepare for different interview platforms, such as a video interview, which can ease applicant anxiety and reinforce an employer’s commitment to a positive recruitment experience. HR recruiting technologies are often evaluated on a cost-per-click or cost-per-applicant basis. These solutions can also promote an organization’s brand message on a larger scale and build the talent pool.
  • Let a bot be a bot. Chatbots can become a de facto representative for your employer brand. It should be schooled in the language, values and concepts that are important to the organization and its brand.
  • Get quantity and. Mobile applications will increase the amount of applications employers receive, but the real value in technology is its use in sorting and prioritizing them. At a minimum, look for products that offer good tracking and analysis tools as part of the package.

For more information on attracting and retaining top talent visit: http://www.manpowergroupsolutions.com/candidatepreferences/swipe-right.html.

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Kate Donovan

Kate Donovan
Kate Donovan is the global RPO president for ManpowerGroup Solutions, responsible for ManpowerGroup’s Global Recruitment Process Outsourcing Practice.

Kate Donovan

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