Collaborate, Innovate and Inspire: How to support other entrepreneurs and delight your customers

‘Stick to your knitting’ is a phrase I often hear during our board meetings from one of my senior team, and he’s right. The key to business success, I believe, is honing your core competencies and being experts in your area. In this hyper-connected, fast-paced digital age, it is important to be agile and help your clients to be the same, ensuring that they — as well as you — are ahead of the curve. Here at Gibbs, we are constantly innovating new ways to serve our customers and help them achieve their business goals.

A forward-thinking, customer-centric approach will enable you to help your clients radically improve their responsiveness, meaning that their overall business benefits from increased efficiency and cost effectiveness.

In business, it will serve you well to have a core set of values and key principles that you live and breathe; our values are why our customers love what we do and more importantly, how we do it. Time and again, our customers say that our values and beliefs are what make us attractive to do business with. The best way to nurture relationships with clients is to listen to them and work to create close partnerships that thrive and deepen as they grow.

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Here are some top tips that will help inspire you as well as delighting your customers:

Innovation: In this fast-paced, ever-changing world, innovation is key to staying current and relevant. Customers need to work with organizations that can provide ground-breaking, tailor-made solutions that solve their business problems and help them achieve their goals.

Customer always first: Putting the customer at the heart of everything you do and really caring about their business goals and aspirations will set you apart from the competition as well as delight your clients along the way.

Share tech knowledge: Technology has reinvented how business is conducted. If you know of some fantastic tech that has helped your business become more efficient, share it.

Collaboration: Organizations like WeConnect allow us to support each other and collaborate on a strategic level. The end result sees the development of powerful relationships that can create new revenue streams and opportunities.

Be a mentor: Be a role model. We can all help each other develop and grow our companies through mentoring. A good mentor is someone who shares their experiences while encouraging others to find new opportunities.

Develop your relationships: Networking has to be a major part of your overall business plan. Everyone has a nurturing side — I am convinced of it. Iit’s really important to leave your ego at the door and genuinely reach out to other like-minded parties. These are the mutually beneficial relationships that will help you flourish — both as an individual and as an organization.

Ultimately, a good business comes down to you and your organization’s integrity. Being true to yourself, sticking to what you know and your company core values combined with passion and a desire to delight your customers will help you navigate a path to real business success.

My belief is that your destiny is what you make it — whether you’re male or female — and the same principle applies to starting, running and growing a successful company.

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Farida Gibbs

Farida Gibbs
Farida Gibbs is CEO of Gibbs Hybrid.

Farida Gibbs

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