HR Is at the Top of Its Game, but There Are Still a Few Plays to Make

HR professionals — you’ll be glad to know that your industry is currently the best industry to be employed in. I’m not just saying this because I want to pander to my readership, I have numbers and stories to prove it. At kununu, we collect reviews and data about employees experiences across thousands of companies and dozens of industries. We let our reviewers, the employees themselves, rate companies on 18 different factors and, based on our latest research, HR is in the top three industries for almost all of those parameters.

According to our reviewers, HR is one of the best industries to work in, point-blank. These are not just cold hard numbers, but real life stories of people in the industry. An HR employee at one company wrote, “Respect is mutual, you can sense and feel the team environment. You are acknowledged for doing a good job by everyone who hears about it. When you make a mistake you own up and take responsibility and do your best to make it right. People were made with flaws, so you receive a talk from your manager of how to handle situation next time. One thing that they say, ‘OK moving forward we will do this or that,’ and you move on, live and learn, subject closed. Great management, great colleagues, great candidates that get hired!!” And this kind of sentiment seems to resonate across the board.

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Another surprising data point is gender equality. While it seems many industries are ranked surprisingly well on this parameter, HR is once again at the top. While Silicon Valley’s tech scene is being dragged for its horrible treatment of women, the HR industry remains at the top of the gender-equality parameter.

While HR is at the top, one field that is still somewhat flailing is diversity and inclusiveness of ideas. Basically, while HR is coming out on top for acceptance of differing opinions, it still only scores a measly three out of five stars. Another HR employee put it, “Opinions and ideas are usually encouraged as far as expression, but not as far as implementation.” So even in this amazing industry, there are things we must improve upon.

The success of the HR industry is perhaps mostly affected by the nature of the people who go into it. People who dedicate their lives to finding the best people and become empathic to their needs are probably going to be pretty awesome co-workers and bosses. With that said, the industry needs to remain innovative and open to new ideas to make sure it is at the top of its game.

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Moritz Kothe
Moritz Kothe is CEO of employment review platform kununu U.S. and senior VP International for online business network XING AG.

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