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healthcare sceneToday, our nation faces an ongoing shortage of clinicians. The statistics are bleak. By 2025, the US will be down 90,000 physicians and 500,000 nurses and the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that between 2014 and 2022 there will be over one million job openings for nurses because of growth and the need for replacements. Even more daunting is the fact that more than 70,000 nursing student applications were turned down because of deficiencies on the educational forefront.

For these reasons, it has never been more important to maintain the innovation and skill that our healthcare system has become revered for around the world. We need to invest in the individuals and organizations that will be responsible for imminent advancement of our nation’s healthcare system. Therefore, Cross Country Healthcare has decided to commit $1 million over a period of ten years to support the Broward College nursing program and its Health Sciences Simulation (SIM) Center.

It is critical to acknowledge the fact that if more individuals cannot be trained and educated as physicians and nurses, the opposing effects could include: inadequate care to patients outside of urban areas, in hard to reach rural settings; fewer plans to expand healthcare services, which could have negative results on the economy; and an overall insufficiency of emergency preparedness. In addition, we must note that nurses and physicians are interdependent, so shortages in one group will likely heighten shortages in the other. This only further emphasizes the reasons why support and funding for nursing and medical education must be expanded.

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Cross Country Healthcare and Broward College understand the intense level of skills and knowledge needed by healthcare professionals today when entering the field. By creating an additional Critical Care Lab within the Broward College SIM Center, more students will have access to this extensive hands-on training that will excel their skill level and accuracy when responding to real-life emergency situations. In addition, curriculum development and the offering of advanced, customized and/or specialty training for the company’s field nurses will be an essential element necessary to stay ahead in the profession. Establishment of new scholarships will help students with a passion to learn to be able to pursue their healthcare dreams with less worry and strain. The goal is to assist the future healthcare providers in whatever ways necessary.

Through this educational partnership, Cross Country Healthcare looks to help cultivate a future of strong, highly skilled clinicians that will be ready to treat patients with quality care in an ever-evolving landscape. “Cross Country Healthcare is proud to invest in the future of healthcare here in our own South Florida community. Broward College is an amazing institute for higher learning that focuses on student success by developing informed and creative individuals capable of contributing to a knowledge- and service-based global society,” says William J. Grubbs, president and CEO of Cross Country Healthcare. “We believe that this partnership is another way for us to further develop the healthcare community and ultimately improve patient care.”

Henry ‘Hank’ Drummond, chief clinical officer of Cross Country Healthcare explains, “The company and Broward College School of Nursing are joining together to deliver an innovative method to train, expand skill sets, and provide advancement opportunities for healthcare professionals across the United States. This partnership will have lasting effects on the quality of care delivered at the bedside by enhancing and expanding the knowledge base of many professionals in the field.”

Cross Country Healthcare is honored to support the mission of the Broward College SIM Center, which is to prepare Broward College graduates to be competent, confident, and compassionate clinicians.

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Jennifer Rohloff
Jennifer Rohloff is ‎creative and production manager at Cross Country Healthcare.

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