3 Ways Tech Can Help Recruit Contingent Workers

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The new year has ushered in a renewed focus on the nearly 3 million-strong temporary workforce continuing on a growth trajectory as a result of the increasingly competitive talent market and shifting labor force.

According to CareerBuilder’s annual job forecast, the demand for temporary labor is projected to remain strong as employers strive for greater flexibility in their staffing needs. More than half of employers (51%) have divulged their plans to hire temporary/contract workers in 2017, an increase from 47% last year. Moreover, nearly two in three (63%) intend to transition some temporary/contract workers into permanent roles this year, up from 58% last year.

Contingent workers offer employers flexibility when structuring their workforce. Temporary hiring also allows them to “test drive” candidates to better determine who is best suited for permanent positions.

As the demand for temporary and contract jobs across all industries, company sizes and geographies continues to expand for the foreseeable future, so does the need for staffing and recruiting services to support it.

Recruiters and staffers are increasingly turning to technology solutions to help them meet that demand. Here are a few ways in which technology can aid in the successful recruitment of contingent workers:

Scheduling Interviews

A large percentage of contingent workers have day jobs, which means they likely don’t have much free time for lengthy screening interviews. Chatbots solves this problem. These automated systems — which are available 24/7 — allows candidates to complete the application process and ask questions at their own pace without interfering with the recruiter’s day.

Plus, the bot’s ability to provide an immediate response improves candidate experience and engagement. Furthermore, CareerBuilder found that 67% of job seekers have a positive impression of a company that provides consistent updates throughout the application process. A chatbot can provide that experience without adding additional tasks to a recruiter’s plate.


Incorrectly classifying employees carries a heavy fine. For example, FedEx in 2015 settled a lawsuit in which they were found culpable for incorrectly classifying 2,300 drivers in California as independent contractors. The mistake ultimately cost the global logistics firm $228 million in fines and back taxes to the IRS as well as benefits such as paid holidays, medical, dental, and vision that were not paid to those drivers.

Avoid any mistakes by using an applicant tracking system (ATS). An ATS allows you to collect data and provide for the appropriate disclosures and releases to the applicant that may be required in your hiring process. Sensitive data from these forms and documents — which falls under the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s jurisdiction — can be hidden from a hiring manager’s view while still maintaining compliance with regulatory requirements.

Big Data

A lot of recruiters get into the industry because they’re not great at math, but analyzing data can help you make the right hire quickly — which is even more important in the contingent employee market.

For those recruiters without a computer science degree, data visualization tools can help you understand the types of candidates available in your network as well as how they’re connected. Ultimately, it helps identify your most effective brand ambassadors as well as the “connectors” who can put you in touch with the right candidate fast.

Sarah Sipek

Sarah Sipek
Sarah Sipek is a copywriter for CareerBuilder.

Sarah Sipek
Sarah Sipek is a copywriter for CareerBuilder.

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