Four Reasons to Partner with a Preferred Housing Provider

hotel-1191726_1920For any staffing agency, providing housing for your traveling workforce can be one of the biggest headaches of the job. It requires high internal costs and workloads to research options, build vendor relationships, track billings, and manage risks with vacancies and lease breaks. You should also consider all the additional accommodations and amenities required to cover each traveler’s unique needs.

Outsourcing to the experts can often be your best bet when balancing quality and expense. However, not all corporate housing providers deliver the same standard. Some cater to specific niches or favor certain vendors over others. It’s important to do your research before you choose; sometimes considering what other industry leaders choose can help you decide which one best fits your business’s exact needs.

As an example, Travel Nurse across America (TNAA), a national travel nurse staffing company , selected Travelers Haven as its preferred corporate housing provider based on the company’s healthcare expertise; extensive network of pre-vetted properties and vendors; 24/7 customer support; and turnkey service, among other attributes.

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Here are four reasons why partnering with a preferred housing provider is a good move:

Get the best price

An established housing provider should be committed to being vendor neutral to ensure customers are presented with the top value-driven options. This gives you the power to choose from a handful of carefully vetted selections based on your own search criteria including rental dates, work site location, property size, furnishing, utility options and more. In TNAA’s case, Travelers Haven allowed them to save an average of 34% on housing, spanning thousands of properties in both urban and rural areas. In addition, Travelers Haven saved on waived deposits and vacancy costs, and avoided hidden fees.

Manage it all through a simplified portal

A short-term housing provider’s user interface should make it easy for you to control your housing program at any time, from anywhere. This can include viewing properties, submitting service tickets, tweaking accommodations, monitoring cash flow activity, and reviewing cohesive reporting and market analysis tools.

Leverage the added credibility and employee perks

External housing providers can also offer valuable perks and additional savings for travel managers and employees alike. On the Travelers Haven platform, users can invite members and coworkers from their team and set controls and roles accordingly. They can then make their own bookings and take advantage of savings for both work and personal travel.

Through the portal, users can access reviews, walk scores, interactive map tools and more to make more informed decisions.

Look for 24/7 customer support

Your pressing questions and concerns should never go unanswered, no matter the time or topic. Even without an internal housing team, an outsourced housing provider still covers all real-time needs for each business’s housing program. Seek a firm that assigns a dedicated account manager as a single point of contact for every company account.

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Sarah Soenke
Sarah Soenke is a copywriter at Travelers Haven.

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