3 ways to improve communication in recruiting

communication-for-recruiting_blogThe world of recruiting and hiring is built on relationships and communication. Unfortunately, many companies forget that when they begin the search for a new employee. The high level of ambiguity and lack of communication used by these companies throughout the hiring process can not only hurt the company’s image but also eliminate a large amount of applicants. In the following post, we will look at three ways that hiring professionals can improve their communication with applicants and get back on track to building strong and long-lasting relationships.

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1. Allow Feedback

By allowing feedback throughout the hiring process, companies will be able to gain valuable insights on current issues and areas for improvement. Some ways this can be done is by sending out surveys, creating a page on the company website or by inviting people to social media. The feedback received from these sources will provide the most important ways to improve in the future. These applicants who have been given a platform to voice their opinion on the process will, if handled correctly, become brand ambassadors driving up the likelihood of referrals.

2. Provide Timelines

One of the most common issues during the recruiting process, especially in the beginning, is the lack of distinct timelines. There are many times when a company will have a candidate complete a phone interview and afterwards tell the potential employee that the hiring personnel will discuss and get back to them soon. For an anxious job seeker that could mean tomorrow while for the company that means within a week. As a result, the applicant constantly follows up looking for an answer that hasn’t been made yet. So before an issue like this arises, hiring personnel should make it clear what the expected timeline at the current stage is and what will be coming next.

3. Offer Details 

By offering as many relevant details as possible in the initial job description applicants will gain a better understanding of the position and company. There are many companies that believe showing everything the position entails, including salary and benefits, will result in losing potential applicants before the company has a better chance to explain themselves. While this does happen on occasion, the benefits gained by providing this information will be demonstrated quickly in more invested and engaged candidates.

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Robert Hoeft

Robert Hoeft
Robert Hoeft is a marketing assistant at QPS Employment Group.

Robert Hoeft

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