Choosing the Right Partner to Digitally Transform Your Business

binary-1327512_640The number of active wireless connected devices will exceed 40.9 billion by 2020 – more than double the current total, according to ABI Research. The explosion in connected devices will be driven by the IoT (Internet of Things) so contractors with skills in the digital and Big Data sectors will see demand for their services surge as large companies struggle to match the fast pace of digital innovations.

To address this, business leaders are turning toward hybrid workforce solutions, which enables them to outsource talent, alongside nurturing and upskilling the existing workforce adding value to business operations.

Digital transformation affects every aspect of an organization and should be at the forefront of a business leader’s mind. There is high demand for contractors that can create unified interfaces between IT services and businesses, due to the sourcing need for everyone and everything to be connected.

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Talent and human capital provide the best value and return on investment for companies looking to diversify and enhance their digital offerings through innovative solutions. With this in mind, it is imperative for business leaders to place importance on contractor care, which, in turn, drives business growth. Outsourcing enables executives to remain focused on their core business needs with the assurance that non-core operations are being managed efficiently. Innovation is a key differentiator for businesses in the market and outsourcing projects ensure you have the right people for the job.

Choosing the right staffing partner gives businesses the ability to scale up or scale down their operations according to demand. Hiring through a skills-as-a-service model capitalizes on output and will help drive productivity.

Alongside tapping into skills on an ad-hoc basis, businesses are also able to achieve innovation and agility through PMaaS solutions (Project Management as a Service). This promotes a more dynamic way of managing your talent which allows businesses to adapt and respond to different project goals. Through PMaaS solutions, businesses leverage the skillset of teams who are best for the job.

Business leaders need to nurture and manage strong working relationships with workforce solutions specialists. In doing so, they can simplify the complexities involved in securing long-term but cost-effective bespoke digital teams. Every part of a business is subject to new threats and opportunities. With technology constantly evolving and customer needs driving change, business leaders in today’s digital landscape must manage the journey to digital transformation by adopting hybrid workforce solutions.


Farida Gibbs

Farida Gibbs
Farida Gibbs is CEO of Gibbs Hybrid.

Farida Gibbs

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