How to Stay in Love with Your Job

ThinkstockPhotos-466554681The ability to remain passionate about your job is essential to progressing – and staying happy – in your career. However, even if you love your job, a variety of work stresses and seemingly mundane routines can erode the original enthusiasm you felt during the “honeymoon phase.”

Like any relationship, to keep things fresh and exciting, it’s important to take a step back to evaluate where things stand.More often than not, a complete career change may not be the best answer to reigniting the passion. Instead, adjusting how you approach the role can be a surprisingly easy fix, not to mention a more reasonable solution. Reflecting on career goals and reassessing what brought you to your current position in the first place can spark new love, even at long-tenured jobs.

Here are a few tips to help rekindle your passion for what you do.

  • Learn a new skill. Often times, unengaged employees aren’t stimulated by their work, which can be dangerous for employers. In fact, Addison Group’s workplace survey found 22 percent of workers would leave their current job solely based on not enjoying the work they’re doing. So, to create that spark you need to fall in love with your job again, set a new goal, something you can work toward in a worksetting. If you hate staring at Excel grids all day, learn to code, or take a graphic design class to make yourself that much more valuable to your place of work. Who knows? You could even end up with a salary bump for your increased contribution.
  • Schedule time with your manager to discuss your career path. Addison Group found that just 17 percent of workers are satisfied with their path for growth within their company, and lacking a firm career path at a company can be a major turn-off for employees. To fall back in love and stay in love with your job, ensure your manager understands your goals and request their assistance in helping you achieve them.
  • Take a vacation. Even the healthiest relationships need separation from time to time. Find time to unplug from the weekly hustle and bustle, and you might find yourself actually looking forward to getting back into the office on a Sunday evening for once.

Unless you have plans to win the lotto, careers tend to be for the long haul. Like any relationship, you don’t want the passion to go stale after a few short years. Too often, employees allow apathy towards their job to creep in, and eventually find themselves feeling unfulfilled. Avoid becoming stagnant in your professional life by continually expanding your experiences beyond your current daily responsibilities, and rediscover why you chose your job in the first place.

Kelly Gorham
Kelly Gorham is president of Addison Group’s healthcare practice.

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