How The On-Demand Economy Changed the Way We Live

ThinkstockPhotos-79302320When 99% of people think of the on-demand industry, they picture Uber and how cool it is that they can get into somebody’s random car and go from one place to another without having to actually take out their credit card or pay the driver cash; it’s all done on their iPhone. Pretty cool! When you move into the major cities you start to also think about how you can now order food from restaurants on your phone, and then somebody who doesn’t actually work for the restaurant shows up to deliver it. And while people in the city have been ordering in their lunch for years, they can now order it from other restaurants that typically didn’t deliver in the past. Also pretty cool.

At we are tracking over 400 companies in the on-demand space. That’s 400 companies contributing to the on-demand economy. Whether through assisting with parking your car, delivering Starbucks to your office, dropping off packages, or helping with chores around the house.But from the other angle, that’s 400 companies that are creating job opportunities for people.  That’s 400 companies entering a hip and cool start-up tech-company-raising-venture-capital industry whose focus is to help people to work and earn a living.

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It’s not all that easy to get a regular job. That’s why so much money has been poured into the job industry in the past. Just imagine having a limited skill set or very little work experience and trying to get a job that fits around the rest of your life and your schedule; a job that is flexible around your school hours or your kids’ school hours or even as a part-time job on the weekends.

The on-demand economy provides a solution for these problems — where you can check in when you want to, check out when you need to, take the day off when you feel like it, or work as many hours as you possibly can and pull in a great living! It’s true. You can. We’ve interviewed several people who are making six-figure incomes (and, yes, we verified it!). Do they work hard? Sure. But you should expect to work hard if you’re making a six-figure income. The point is, however, that many people did not have a chance to make a six-figure income before the on-demand economy came along. The on-demand economy is taking advantage of the Internet and doing more than just letting people download movies or upload photos; it’s helping people to earn a living and provide for their family. That’s pretty cool, too!

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Joe Rubin

Joe Rubin
Joe Rubin is co-founder and director of corporate development,

Joe Rubin

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