Why January and February are the Best Months to Start Your Recruitment Activities

79301807As a head hunter, you’ve probably wondered the same thing at least once in your career: Is there a best time to recruit people?

The simple answer to this is yes. Just as there are worse times to conduct head-hunting activities, there are are times in the year that are better than others to start a recruitment campaign.

If you are looking to hire top talents, knowing the best and worst months for recruiting can help a ton. In the infographic below, Manila Recruitment reveals that the best time to interview and hire new talents is during the first two months of the year, which is January and February, while the worst times could be during the graduation season, summer months, as well as the last two months of the year.

Find out why the beginning of the year is touted as the best time to launch a recruitment campaign in the following infographic:



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Angela McDonald

Angela McDonald
Angela McDonald is a recruitment services professional for Manila Recruitment.

Angela McDonald

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