4 Tips for Attracting Top-Talent

ThinkstockPhotos-528498935Essentially all staffing firms draw from the same pond of job candidates and have the exact same goal: snag the best candidates for themselves and their client companies.

But what gets the attention of top-talent? What strategies will assist in acquiring the cream-of-the-crop candidates every firm is seeking?

These four tips will get and keep your firm on the radar of top job candidates.

  1. Understand that reputation is everything. Well almost. With today’s “read the reviews before you buy” mindset, a solid reputation cannot be overstated. Seek endorsements and quotes from satisfied candidates as well as client companies for each area your firm specializes in. Solicit recommendations from industry experts affirming your agencies aptitude and knowledge. Use these testimonials on websites, in brochures, and on all social media platforms. A real person sharing a positive, real-life experience will influence candidates who are seeking the agency that can do the best job for them.
  1. Provide a well-rounded slate of services. The most qualified candidates are generally career-minded. They’re looking beyond a particular job opportunity to the greater impact a position will have on their career. They take all aspects of employment seriously which means they will look for the same mindset from the company they choose to partner with for employment.A full slate of employment-centered services sends a “we’re the real deal” message to all candidates, even those who may not need such amenities as resume assistance or interview coaching. Top-talent will appreciate career coaching and mentoring, training courses and qualification tests that could enhance their skillset as well as the latest in industry trends. They will also be more likely to recommend your all-encompassing services to friends and colleagues.

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  1. Grasp the money matters reality. The most sought after job candidates know their skills and qualifications put them in a favorable situation. And, of course, they will leverage this reality to get the compensation and “perks” they want. In order to compete effectively with other staffing firms, your agency must take the time to analyze the salary and benefits the competition is offering. Your client companies will look to you for up-to-date data regarding compensation in the various employment fields you represent. Knowing what it will take to both recruit and retain top talent will give you an edge. Making compensation-tracking a priority will set you up for long-term success.
  1. Compile gimmick-free benefits. Monetary compensation is important, yes, but “perks” add a very influential component to a compensation package.  But let’s be honest. Top candidates are sought after because they’re smart, certainly smart enough to know when something is truly a “benefit” rather than a slick “gimmick.”These “perks” continue to rank high with top-talent:
  • Flexible scheduling – the options to work how, when and where it best suits them
  • Continuing education – opportunities to expand their approach to life-long learning
  • Healthcare – one of the costliest and stress-inducing situation families face


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Steve Isenberg

Steve Isenberg
Steve Isenberg is president of ASJ Partners, a marketing agency for the staffing industry. He can be reached at steve.isenberg@asjpartners.com

Steve Isenberg

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