Where Is Your Link in the Talent Management Supply Chain?

ThinkstockPhotos-519620929Whether you are an HR outsourcing firm, recruiter or a niche talent supplier delivering your service directly with an employer or through a third-party such as those managed by managed service providers (MSP), you are a part of the talent supply chain. The question is: Do you know which link you are and how you can use that positioning to grow your business?

Here are four things to consider to identify your fit in the talent supply chain:

  • How relevant and unique is your source of talent?
  • Who needs the talent you can provide and why do they need a supplier?
  • Are there others within the talent chain you can link with to expand your value?
  • Are you positioned for short-term transactions or long-term growth?

For companies, access to the right skills at the right time is a critical capability to compete in the global marketplace. This results in larger organizations seeking workforce innovation and leading to an increased need of niche talent to meet operational efficiency needs. This can lead to new opportunities greatly benefiting the specialty talent provider who can meet that niche request, but more importantly, is positioned for growth.

Knowing yourself will lead to others knowing you

As a supplier it is increasingly important to be aware of not only the value of sourcing you provide, but to recognize who else in the supply chain recognizes your value and can provide you with opportunities for growth. Partnering with a MSP or other third-party can open doors to the larger organizations who are competing globally for specialty or in demand talent. The key is to evaluate your company through the eyes of the end-user and gain feedback from others within the talent supply chain to validate your value and strengthen the link to maximized value.

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Karen Calinski

Karen Calinski
Karen Calinski is is director of supplier development at Kelly OCG. She can be reached at karen.calinski (at) kellyocg (dot) com or @calinskikaren.

Karen Calinski

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