Men Are the Best Hire, Except for Women!

WomenIn a recent article, Jane Shepherdson, an influential name in the British fashion industry, was quoted as saying, “I’ve always found women to be really hard-working. They can do a lot of things at once and are really passionate.” Although you’ll find different recruiters with different perceptions, to remain efficacious, you must get down with some pertinent and logical reasoning.

While a rift between the two genders has been long witnessed, there are a plethora of constraints that make it a tough job for an employer to gauge both on the same scale. However, the fact still holds some ground that women do prove to be a fruitful hire at any point of time. Obviously, your hiring needs to be cost-efficient. Hence, here are three such reasons that will push you to recruit women candidates for your organization.

Great team players. A new study has recently shed some considerable light on workplace dynamics that portray women to be better team players. Men, on the other hand, leave intricacies about their colleagues unnoticed, tend to compete more to get due recognition for themselves, rather than the team.

Past discussions have always vouched for the fact that female employees seem to evade competitive work place environment. But doesn’t that suggest that they are more comfortable working in a cohesive one? That’s all that is needed for your company to flourish with all business objectives accomplished!

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Better communicators. The biggest asset that your recruited workforce can own is a strong chain of communication. Targets will come and go, but one thing that remains unique is the proper flow of information. Employing a candidate who struggles to communicate with manager, co-workers or direct reports is something that’s quite futile for your hiring budget, provided that you don’t go for cost-cutting afterwards!

Women are particularly articulate in reading body language and picking up non-verbal clues, traits that’re quite necessary to survive in the corporate world today. During numerous instances, it’s also observed that women promote a communication process that is far more collaborative, hence giving every team mate a chance to express and put forth their ideas. On the whole, an efficient flow of information that has lesser chances of loopholes and confusion, hence enhancing your team’s productivity.

Diversity and productivity. Women bring in the prospects of a socially healthier work environment, which pushes for higher productivity in the most stressful of professional conditions. Research has clearly validated the fact that hiring women and pushing for diversity among the workforce boosts your organization’s work productivity and revenue by nearly 41%, when compared to an all-male workforce. Not only does it increase employee morale and trust, but increases the level of employee satisfaction in your team.

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Anshuman Kukreti

Anshuman Kukreti
Anshuman Kukreti is a professional writer and a keen follower of the global job market. He writes on various topics relating to employment across the globe. Connect with him on LinkedIn or Twitter, or contact him at anshuman858789 (at) gmail (dot) com.

Anshuman Kukreti

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