How to Sharpen Your Competitive Edge with Video Technology

In today’s tech-laden society, relying on outdated methods to find and place top talent just isn’t going to cut it. Today’s staffing professionals need to keep up with the times — and that means adopting the latest technologies and innovations to aid their search for top-notch candidates.

Of these technologies, video is on the rise. In fact, more than six in 10 hiring professionals conduct job interviews via video, according to OfficeTeam. Video is a powerful tool, not only for connecting with job candidates but for attracting and placing those candidates.

With top talent in high demand and short supply, staffing professionals must strive to set themselves apart from the competition. One surefire way to do this is by incorporating video technology into the recruiting process.

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From video conferencing to video interviews to culture videos, here are five ways video technology can boost your recruiting efforts and give you a leg up on the competition for talent:

Keep Clients in the Know

Video technology has created an effective and efficient way to communicate, not only with potential candidates but with clientele. Because so much communication occurs at a nonverbal level, seeing and being seen is a necessary part of the communication process. Unfortunately, meeting with clients in person isn’t always a possibility.

When it comes time to discuss potential candidates with clients, consider setting up a video conference call instead of relying on email or a phone call. Just as there’s a lot to be gained from a candidate’s nonverbal cues, there’s a lot you can determine based on a client’s facial expressions, body language, etc.

Make Candidates Stand Out

To really get a leg up on the competition, use video interview technology to provide clients with high-quality live or one-way video interview recordings of top candidates. Giving clients the ability to view recorded video interviews allows them to accurately review job candidates and provide prompt, meaningful feedback.

Additionally, sending a visual presentation is much more representative of your work and the candidate than scattered interview notes and word of mouth. Clients can see candidates for themselves, before investing valuable time and money to bring candidates in for a formal interview.

Possibly the most attractive benefit of utilizing video technology in the recruiting process is the ability to coach and mold job seekers into your client’s ideal candidate. With one-way video interviews, candidates can record their answers to a series of pre-set questions, making it easy for you to review their answers, identify what they can improve on and have them re-record, as needed.

Give Screening New Meaning

Unless you’re recruiting for a position that requires candidates to speak well over the phone (i.e. sales positions), the traditional phone screen won’t serve as an accurate representation of the job candidate. One-way video interviews, on the other hand, give candidates an opportunity to be seen and heard early in the recruiting process.

One-way video interviews are an efficient screening tool for staffing firms, as they allow you to screen more candidates in less time. In fact, according to research by Aberdeen Group, you can review 10 one-way video interviews in the time it takes to complete a single phone screen.

Considering that more than a quarter (25.5 percent) of interviewers make a decision about a candidate’s suitability within the first five minutes of an interview, according to a recent study by researchers from Old Dominion, Florida State, and Clemson, why spend upwards of 30 minutes on the phone with candidates you may have already ruled out?

The sooner you’re able to screen candidates and narrow down your talent pool, the more time you have for high-payoff activity.

Connect with Long-Distance Talent

When it comes to recruiting long-distance talent, it can be difficult (not to mention, expensive) to meet with candidates in a face-to-face setting. Fortunately video technology, such as live video interviews, can make far-away talent much more accessible.

Live video interviews make it possible to meet with candidates face-to-face without having to spend a hefty sum on travel expenses associated with the in-person interview. Two-way video interviews simulate the in-person interview experience by allowing you to visually connect with and assess candidates in real time.

With 47 percent of job candidates preferring this long-distance interview format over the phone interview (which only 36 percent prefer), according to a recent study b​y video interviewing software research hub Software Advice, it’s time for staffing professionals to take advantage of this technology as a means to connect with talent across borders.

Bring the Candidates to You

Having an attractive company culture is a leading incentive for job seekers to apply for a position with a company. What’s more, showcasing company culture can essentially bring the candidates to you. Consider having clients use video technology to create a company culture video aimed at attracting talent. Have clients feature the office environment, employee testimonials, and the like.

Culture videos can paint a better picture of your client’s employer brand to job seekers. Featuring these videos on job postings, social media, and your client’s career page can help turn job seekers away from the competition and onto you and your client.    

Does video technology play a role in your recruiting process? Share your experiences with video in the comments below.

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Josh Tolan

Josh Tolan
Josh Tolan is the CEO of Spark Hire, a video interviewing platform. Learn more about using video interviews for staffing and connect with Spark Hire on Facebook and Twitter.

Josh Tolan

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