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ThinkstockPhotos-493567453Recently, Facebook announced a record-breaking 1.44 billion monthly users and Twitter came in with an impressive 288 million. If you haven’t already, it’s time to face the fact that social media is here to stay and simply cannot be ignored – especially in an industry built around connections and relationships. To celebrate the staffing agencies making the most of social media, Resume-Library has launched a Leaderboard that ranks the most active agencies: The Staffing Agency Power 500 #SAP500.

To help you join the ranks, Resume-Library is sharing top tips to making the most of social media:

Attract more talent. One of the most natural ways your agency can leverage social media is to help source the right candidates for your vacancies. Sharing exciting opportunities on Twitter, accompanied with the right hashtags, can instantly widen your net of potential candidates. Pick and chose which jobs are right to promote via social, simply flooding your pages with jobs could overwhelm, confuse and deter job seekers.

Focus your energy on becoming a resource to candidates by sharing content that will aid in their job search. By providing consistent and useful content, your pages are more likely to gain followers and you’ll build readers’ confidence in your expertise, ultimately improving brand reputation.

Here’s a great resource for determining the most popular hashtag to give your tweet more visibility.

Appeal to employers. Just as posting a stream of jobs could deter candidates; it might impact your business relationships with employers. Not everything your agency does on social will appeal to employers, but it’s essential that you never damage an existing or potential business relationship.

The ideal platform to engage with potential clients is LinkedIn – identify active groups in your industry and begin to participate and discuss industry news and trends. This can be done on an agency or individual level, just ensure you have some controls in place to monitor how employees are behaving on LinkedIn when representing your agency.

Promote your brand. Social media is a great tool to build brand awareness – take the time to ensure there’s cohesive branding across your channels and that your company is easily identifiable. This will enlist confidence in your brand and will help you in all aspects of business, from finding candidates to building new business relationships.

Bringing your agency to life via social media can have a genuine and positive impact on your business. Before jumping in, make sure you and your employees are aware of the risks involved, such as protecting candidate privacy. When you have the appropriate controls in place, take social media by storm and increase your candidate pool, attract new business and build your brand!

Think your agency can stack up when it comes to social? Submit here to secure your place on the #SAP500 Leaderboard. 

Lee Biggins

Lee Biggins
Lee Biggins is the founder and CEO of Resume-Library.

Lee Biggins

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