Social Recruiting – The Changing Face of Staffing

467452809Social media has become the integral part of any recruiting firm. And the estimated impact of social media on the recruiting landscape has been aggressive. Social recruiting has started manifesting its wide presence in the staffing industry.

Leniency from recruiters. Surprisingly, though, most staffing companies are aware of this paradigm shift, but are not actually ready to accept this change instantly. Most of them still don’t consider themselves experts when it comes to social recruiting.

But there are others that are planning to invest healthily in social recruiting, corporate career sites, mobile sites, and referrals. It appears that recruitment companies, based on jobseeker approach and demand for greater accessibility, are coming to terms with the idea that they should never place all their eggs in one basket.

Candidates’ approach. On the other hand, candidates are longing more mobile, more exposure to the organization’s culture, more ways to stay connected with a company entirely. There is a very noticeable shift in how we consider the role of social and mobile in recruitment and staffing industry. It can be considered as “hot cake” that is similar to the way we use sales and marketing strategies.

Future of social recruiting. Social recruiting is tough to ignore as most aspirants are available on social media all day. But at the same time it can’t relied upon solely to get the talents required. So finding the right technology to make all these channels come together is of key.

This shift is happening because the job market is getting more and more competitive, with highly talented and skilled employees available in great demand but in short supply.

What to expect. Companies are aware that they have to market and sell their workplace cultures not only to recruit the right talents but also to influence their decisions about where to work. Social media offers a gateway to pick the right workforce unlike any other. It helps not only to review the online personalities of potential applicants, but we can also make judgments about talent based on their profiles. It helps us connect with a talent pool using these platforms. It also help us encourage our employees to connect and bring in other talents also, as the trends show referrals still top the chart as the leading source of fresh hires. All these can be through our mobile devices, which is evident where we’re heading!

Reena Gupta

Reena Gupta
As the CEO of TargetRecruit, Reena's focus each and everyday is to deliver the most comprehensive, easy to use and valuable cloud based recruiting tool for the staffing and recruiting industry.

Reena Gupta

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