Shining a Positive Light on Candidates Creates More Placements

158757957Recruiting and staffing firms are finding that the hiring atmosphere has become fiercely competitive in the last few years. It is not enough to just have qualified and experienced candidates; they must be able to make them stand out in a sea of resumes that flood in for many prospective positions. To increase placements, staffing firms need to be able to present their candidates in a way that will get the hiring manager’s attention.

How to present candidates in the best light. The shift to a highly competitive hiring environment has forced staffing firms to up their game when it comes to getting their clients noticed and placed. More staffing firms are utilizing techniques that are marketing- and sales-based, creating resumes and cover letters that are dynamic and attention-getting.

It’s important for staffing firms to find the key factors that make each candidate unique and valuable to employers. These factors should be tied specifically to the open position, showing how perfectly fitted the candidate is for the hiring company. A pre-recorded video or video resume that covers the candidate’s career summary or other accomplishments can get them fast-tracked to the short list in the interview process.

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Increase placements and revenue. It is estimated by HR leaders that an average of 250 resumes are submitted for open positions, making it crucial for staffing firms to find ways to make their clients shine. Looking for new and dynamic ways to sell their clients from the first resume view is paramount to getting more interviews, leading to more placements and ultimately, more income for the firm.

Success is all about how firms package and present their candidates to get them through the first stage of the selection process. Once the candidate makes it through the initial phase, there is time for coaching and grooming the candidate through the interview process to help them secure a top position. It is that first step of placing the candidate in a successful initial interview that will have the biggest impact on how many quality placements a recruiter makes.

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Christopher Young

Christopher Young
Christopher Young is CEO of Async Interview.

Christopher Young

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