A Holiday Gift Guide

467507899They show up early. They work late. And they are thinking about how to do their jobs better even when they’re off the clock.

The holidays present an opportunity for you to show appreciation for the dedication your staff members show day after day.

The right gifts can celebrate your company culture and overall brand message, while showing employees you value their contributions to your business.

Here are some ideas to consider:

  • Give gifts to share. Edible gifts, such as cheesecakes or snack assortments, can be a cost-effective and memorable way to recognize a whole team or department while adding to a festive spirit and sense of camaraderie in the workplace.
  • Give gifts with a purpose. People most appreciate gifts they can use. Think about what you can offer that will enhance the life of your employees – at the office or at home. A warm sweatshirt or blanket can make the winter months more bearable. Power banks or chargers can help guard against the all-too-common fear of a dead battery.
  • Give gifts that complement your brand or relate to a major objective for the coming year. For example, you can demonstrate your company’s commitment to sustainability with logoed coffee mugs your associates can use instead of disposable cups.

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At any budget, well-chosen employee gifts can have a lasting impact and honor the associate-brand relationship. However, there are some things to keep in mind, from an ethical perspective.

  • Don’t be choosy. Recognize all employees equally at their level of responsibility.
  • Understand what message you are sending. This should go without saying, but employee gifts should be sincere and business appropriate.

Keep in mind that employee gifts over $25 may count as taxable income, so be sure that you’re not burdening recipients with extra taxes.

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Barbara Wells

Barbara Wells
Barbara Wells is senior vice president, Staples Promotional Products.

Barbara Wells

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