Amplifying Your Team: Staff Augmentation vs. Amplification

200369001-001Most contingent staffing models focus on hiring individuals to meet a specific identified need.  This ‘staff augmentation’ approach makes sense for core functions where your company is building the expertise in-house.

However, in the case of non-core functions, it is often more effective to outsource to a company that can provide not just the staff but also the process and technology.  Here are a few examples of services that can provide a turnkey solution to non-core functions:

  • HR: Trinet is an example of a company that offloads the burden of HR compliance, administration, and technology
  • Renewals: Service Source allows SaaS companies to focus on growth rather than worrying about renewal rates
  • Sales Support: Prialto offloads the administrative needs of sales teams, allowing them to more effectively focus on and scale their sales efforts

Services like those above reduce required management time for non-core areas and enable your organization to more effectively execute by:

  • Managing recruiting, training, and development of staff
  • Ensuring each role is effectively backed-up, eliminating the impact of turnover on your business
  • Providing resources that can scale with your business
  • Leveraging best practices and technology from others

So, before your company makes your next internal hire or reaches out to a traditional staffing firm, ask yourself the following questions to assess whether you should consider a turnkey service instead:

  1. Is the function non-core?
  2. Is your company’s need on-going in nature?
  3. Will turnover in this function have a negative impact on your business?
  4. Does your team lack the industry best practices to drive excellence in this function?
  5. Do you expect to scale this function significantly as your business grows?

If you answered yes to at least four of the questions above, it may be worth exploring if there is a service that can provide an alternative to hiring/staffing this function.

Andrew Mowat

Andrew Mowat
Andrew Mowat is COO of Prialto.

Andrew Mowat

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