Don’t Let Technology Make You Lazy

174255197I started working in the staffing business back in 1996. I was lucky to have been trained in the field of recruitment using file folders and looking through the newspaper. I had to write candidates’ and prospects’ name down on a notepad, which we called the “hot sheet.” I updated this “hot sheet” every day. I also had a terminal — not a computer, but a terminal — and it crashed all the time.

I know this sounds so ancient and looking back it was. It did train me to write down important information, candidates and prospects and I still do this today as it helps me remember what my client or candidates desire. I do love the technology as it keeps track of so much more than I can write down and it also easier to find the information as opposed to a file folder on my desk. Can you imagine looking through a client folder and trying to find your last note to see what that need was the last time you talk to them?

I do think that technology has made many recruiters lazy as you can now just send an email as opposed to calling. Also, when was the last time you actually wrote a thank you letter to a client, candidate or prospect? I try to write at least 10 thank you letters every week. Don’t get me wrong, I still send a massive amount of emails out every week, but I still think a letter says so much more.

When you are trying to get new candidates, try calling as opposed to just emailing, do both it will actually make a huge difference. Also, when you are trying to get new clients you have to call, but try to go and meet them. Can you imagine actually meeting your clients and making a connection in person? It will put you way ahead of the competition.

Remember, the technology is there to help you get more done, but don’t get lazy and stop doing the little things that will set you apart from so many.

Doug Carter

Doug Carter
Doug Carter is CEO of Ironside Human Resources. He can be reached at doug (at) ironsidehr (dot) com.

Doug Carter

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