When Getting Feedback, Don’t Shoot the Messenger

472034979On the plane ride home from Staffing Industry Analysts’ Healthcare Staffing Summit earlier this month, I read Peggy O’Neill’s Staffing Industry Review article “Do This, Not That” (Straight Talk, September 2014). Written with the keen insight of what the customer wants and needs, O’Neill obviously supports her base of vendors and her experience qualifies her list of Do’s and Don’t Do’s.

Earlier that same day, I had presented the view of the hospital customer on a Summit panel titled “Unleashing the Power of Direct Hire,” moderated by Subadhra Sriram, global editorial director for SIA. My candid remarks and sound advice for the staffing agencies, though very similar to O’Neill’s, took some members of the audience and panel by surprise.


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O’Neill and I have the same intent. We want our partners in staffing and fulfillment enjoy a productive and profitable relationship with the buying customer and our internal customers or members to be pleased with the loyal support of outside vendors that assist them with the core of their organization’s daily work. I hope that all principles, business development managers, recruiters and your coworkers have the opportunity to dissect our words and consider the vantage point of your potential or current clients.

  • Understand their culture; live their mission, vision and values
  • Be accountable for everything related to the assignment
  • Provide only those candidates that are qualified for the position
  • Respect our time. Stalking is never appreciated; understand HR’s multiple responsibilities within their organization
  • Keep your promises. Promises that cannot be kept may cause the contract to be cancelled

Like O’Neill, we appreciate and value our staffing providers. Thank you for your service not only to Ohio’s hospitals, but to all of our nation’s healthcare facilities.

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Nancy Dean

Nancy Dean
Nancy Dean is director of OHA Solutions' staffing program.

Nancy Dean

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